Glocon is an annual Sojern company-wide event where employees from around the globe come to Omaha, Nebraska, to go over what has been accomplished to date and what our plans are for the future. The Brand Design team was previously creating a new Glocon brand and materials each year. This was expensive, resource-intensive, and wasteful to the environment. So the Brand Design team and I sat down and brainstormed on terms we felt embodied Glocon, including global, team, travel, and more. We came to a color theme representing the beautiful sunsets and sunrises seen worldwide and inspiring people to get outside and travel. To illustrate that we're always moving forward, we created a simplified logo with GC overlapping to create an infinity symbol and turned the G into an arrow. The pheasant is Sojern's mascot, and thus a new Sojern pheasant mascot design was created to use in the event materials as a fun easter egg. Contributions: Design of pheasant, art direction for event materials

Oct 1, 2021
Event Design
Art Direction