Sojern Social

Upon taking over Sojern's social media channels I wanted to take an opportunity to bring more visuals to our posts to help capture more viewers and thus, more clicks to the website. I did this by using our loud orange gradient color to help capture viewer attention in assorted Instagram story posts. I created animated GIFs to help promote our open roles at Sojern that other employees could repurpose in their own social posts. I noticed employees had either a random travel image or no cover photo on their LinkedIn pages. I went about creating a variety of LinkedIn cover photos that employees could use so that we could have a consistent brand look and feel and give sellers a more polished and professional profile. I also wanted to provide our sellers and BDR teams with materials they could use to post on their own LinkedIn channel to help source leads, so I created a recommended social posts and graphics playbook for them. This playbook provided the sellers with a variety of posts they could copy and paste into LinkedIn on each of Sojern's solutions as well as a graphic they could attach to draw attention to it.

May 1, 2021
Art Direction
Social Media